The Impostor Syndrome

19 Aug

Recently, I saw this article posted by a friend. Here’s the “link” .
This is  a very good post for people who are in the creative field, but i think it also applies to most circumstances.

I really like how this article totally nailed it.. how many of us struggles to keep up with the things that we have probably achieved/done in the past. And somehow after that, if we do not surpass that standard, keep up to it.. we beat ourselves hard..
or at least i am a constant victim of the impostor sydrome.. i constantly feel that i am not good enough…
Or when i am struggling with my shot, i feel like i don’t know anything about animation, or that i don’t know how to animate.. and i am a fraud…  but like my fren J. has mentioned to me. The more you do it, the better you become..

Dr. Valerie Young says that, “The thing about ‘impostors’ is they have unsustainably high standards for everything they do. The thinking here is, If I don’t know everything, then I know nothing. If it’s not absolutely perfect, it’s woefully deficient. If I’m not operating at the top of my game 24/7, then I’m incompetent.”

Well, i guess we just have to continue to strive hard to become better each day, and not be beaten by this. 🙂

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